Book a Chalet in Wengen and Put Yourself in the Frame!

Chalet in wengen on the sunny terrace far above the snow-carpeted valley, backdrop of snowy peaks glistening in the sunshine, blue skies; fade in to a wooden chalet in Wengen. Chalet in Wengen, mise-en-scene – Dutch oven coals glowing, fondue swirling in the pot, Swiss wine ellipsing in the crystal.


Splice to action sequence, backdrop croissants, coffee, chalet in Wengen, snap of the ski-boot, buckling of the helmet, hoisting skis aloft. Medium longshot – happy family leaving chalet in Wengen.

Next sequence of takes:

-downhill schuss from Kleine Scheidegg, snow flying, big smiles

-powder snowboarding from top Mannlichen Gipfel, pan right to iconic peaks of Eiger Monch and Jungfrau.

-kids tobogganing, snowballing, having fun; chalets in Wengen on all sides.

Burn in to scene of chalets in Wengen receding as the green of the Wengernalp railway gives way to the red of the Jungfrau. Limestone tunnel walls of the Eiger and Monch, arrival at ‘Top of Europe’ station, rarefied air, magnificent Aletsch ice-glacier stretching south and down into the distance. Burn out from magnificent Alpine panorama.

Cut to chalet in Wengen, steam of the sauna, relaxing heat. Fade out to final scene in chalet in Wengen – pristine white sheets turned down, hot chocolate pouring, light dimming on an idyllic world.

Click here to put yourself in the frame in your chalet in Wengen.

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