General conditions

1. Area of Application

1.1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings made on our Website and govern the contractual relationship between you ("Traveller") and Alpine Holiday Services GmbH ("Alpine"). Only persons over 18, legal entities or commercial companies are entitled to book with Alpine

Where a property is concerned, Alpine completes contracts in the name of and on account of the owner of the property ("Landlord").

2. Conclusion of the Contract

2.1. By completing the booking you conclude a contract with Alpine and acknowledge these present General Terms and Conditions which are an integral part of any contract with Alpine. The Traveller confirms that, within the rights of their country of residence, they are capable of acting (and are over 18 years of age) and are legally able to enter into contracts and make the payments set out upon booking. 1st payment, 2nd payment and Deposit are defined in Clause 3.

2.2. The receipt of the booking order will be confirmed to you by e-mail. The contract is concluded when the Booking Confirmation (also "Contract") is delivered. With the conclusion of the Contract, you become liable for all persons listed in the booking as well as your own obligations. Alpine is authorized to refuse to accept any booking or to cancel any accepted booking without giving reasons or reject a booking without giving reasons. In this case the Traveller will be entitled to a full refund of any amount already paid.

3. Payment

3.1. A 1st payment is payable upon booking: 50% of the total price for the booked services, tours, activities and/or property. A 2nd payment of the remaining 50% is payable no later than 14 days prior to the earliest Check-in date. Where a property is concerned a deposit as specified in clause 7.1 is payable on or before Check-in. Instructions for the outstanding payment will be communicated via email no later than 21 days prior to the earliest Check-in date as specified in your booking. In the case of short-term bookings, the 1st payment shall consist of the whole travel cost. Fees may be charged according to payment method. Payment to Alpine, especially international payments, must be settled free of any charges and fees. In case of a delayed or incomplete payment, Alpine can cancel the booking at your complete expense and claim the corresponding cancellation fee specified in clause 4 as damages. Any additional services, tours and/or activities requested during your stay are payable on or before the Check-out date.

3.2. Rates can be displayed in CHF, Euros, Pounds and Dollars. In this case it is the CHF amount which is contractual. Foreign currency amounts displayed are subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

4. Cancellation

4.1. If the Traveller decides to cancel the booking, or is otherwise unable to make use of the booking (for all or part of the period booked), they must inform Alpine as soon as possible. The Traveller will be liable as follows:

(i) 14 days or less prior to the earliest Check-in date: the Traveller is liable for the full amount of the booking;
(ii) 15-60 days prior to the earliest Check-in date: the Traveller is liable for 50% of the amount of the booking, or the 1st payment as defined above; and
(iii) over 60 days prior to the earliest Check-in date: the Traveller is liable for 20% of the amount of the booking.

4.2. When booking, we recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance. As a general rule, it covers cancellation costs up to the beginning of the journey for cancellation due to illness, accident, death of the traveller, fellow travellers or close relatives.

4.3. Bookings made through other third-party platforms may be subject to additional cancellation penalties.

4.4 Special Cancellation Conditions during Global Pandemic (Covid-19)

4.4.1 Reservations made on or before March 14, 2020

Provided you inform us of your cancellation at least 60 days before arrival, you may apply the following Covid-19 policies to your booking:

(i) voucher of value equal to monies paid, valid for a duration of 13 months after the cancelled arrival date, or
(ii) cancellation of booking with an admin fee of 10% of the booking amount.

4.4.2 Reservations made between March 14, 2020 and June 26, 2021

Unless otherwise stated on your booking confirmation, the above Covid-19 policies may be applied in the following situations:

(i) A complete closure of the Jungfrau Region ski resort due to Covid-19 restrictions.
(ii) The booking holder or a member of their household can demonstrate that they have a Covid-19 positive test result.

4.4.3 Reservations made between June 26, 2021 and November 28, 2021

Unless otherwise stated on your booking confirmation, the above Covid-19 policies may be applied in the following situations:

(i) If you are unable to travel to Wengen due to new travel restrictions or quarantine rules being imposed in Switzerland between your date of booking and date of arrival as a result of Covid-19.
(ii) A complete closure of the Jungfrau Region ski resort due to Covid-19 restrictions.
(iii) The booking holder or a member of their household can demonstrate that they have a Covid-19 positive test result.

In the case of new travel restrictions or quarantine rules, the Traveller must inform Alpine of their wish to cancel within 7 days of the announcement.

4.4.4 Reservations made after November 28, 2021

Unless otherwise stated on your booking confirmation, the above Covid-19 policies may be applied in the following situations:

(i) A complete closure of the Jungfrau Region ski resort due to Covid-19 restrictions.

5. Arrival

5.1. The Traveller is solely responsible for arriving punctually. Any delays to arrival are within the responsibility of the Traveller. Travellers travelling from abroad are expected to obtain any necessary entry requirements in good time. If the Traveller can no longer take up their booking or can only belatedly take up their booking, the entire amount is payable.

6. Force majeure

6.1. If force majeure (environmental disasters, forces of nature etc.), governmental sanctions, unforeseeable or other applicable events render the booking or its duration no longer possible, Alpine has the right (but not the obligation) to provide the Traveller with another comparable property, service, tour and/or activity. If the full scope of the booking cannot be carried out, the paid amount or the appropriate proportion for the booking not provided will be refunded to the exclusion of other requirements.

7. Specific Terms of Tenancy

7.1. Deposit

7.1.1. The Deposit is to cover any costs incurred by travellers including damage caused by travellers to the Property, the items listed in the inventory or any other damage caused by travellers to the building in which the Property is located (“Costs”). Examples of these Costs include:

(a) breakages or damages to the items listed in the inventory;

(b) phone calls made from the landline located in the Property (where relevant);

(c) change of locks due to loss of a key.

These Costs will be settled with the Deposit at Check-out to the extent that the amount of the Deposit is sufficient to cover them. In the event that it is not possible to determine the Costs to be covered by the Deposit or the Traveller refuses to pay these Costs, Alpine reserves the right to hold back the Deposit or part of the Deposit. As soon as the amount is definite, Alpine will provide the Traveller with the bill and will pay/transfer any outstanding balance to the Traveller. Any balance due to the Landlord is to be paid within 10 days of receipt of the bill. The Landlord's claims are not limited to the amount of the Deposit.

7.2. Handover of the Property

7.2.1. The Property will be handed over to the Traveller in a clean state and as per the booking. If there are any defects or if the inventory is not complete, the Traveller must inform Alpine immediately. It will otherwise be assumed that the Property was handed over in a faultless state. Alpine reserves the right to access the property at any point during the duration of the booking.

7.3. Housemates and guests

7.3.1 The Traveller is responsible for ensuring that any housemates or guests abide by the commitments of the Contract and is accordingly liable for their actions.

7.4. Use of Property with care

7.4.1. The Traveller is obliged to use the Property with care, to abide by the house rules (which will be provided to the Traveller on Check-in) and to take into consideration other occupants or neighbours. In the case of damage to the Property, the Traveller must inform Alpine immediately. Damaged or no longer useable objects must be replaced in such a manner that the Landlord does not incur any disadvantage.

7.4.2. The Property may only be occupied by the number of people stated in the Contract. If not stated in the Contract, the maximum number of people permitted is equal to the number of beds (not including sofa beds).

7.4.3. Pets of any type are not allowed except if this is agreed explicitly in the Contract.

7.4.4. Smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes or other tobacco or smoking goods is strictly prohibited in the Property except if this is agreed explicitly in the Contract.

7.4.5. Subletting is not permitted.

7.4.6. If the Traveller, their co-travellers or guests breach the commitments of the use of the Property or if the Property is occupied with more than the agreed number of people, Alpine and the Landlord reserve the right after unsuccessful written warning to terminate the Contract without notice and without compensation. In this case the rent is still payable and the Landlord reserves the right to claim for compensation and indemnities.

7.4.7. Special Conditions during Covid-19 Pandemic: The Traveller is responsible for ensuring the number of guests is in accordance with applicable regulations. For groups larger than the permitted number, Alpine assumes the group is exempt (eg. from the same household or other).

7.5 Returning the Property

7.5.1. The Property is to be returned in a proper and well-swept condition with complete inventory. If the Property is not returned in a satisfactory state, Alpine and/or the Landlord reserve the right to carry out the necessary procedures at the cost of the Traveller.

7.6 Tax

7.6.1. All relevant visitor tax is included in the rental prices. VAT of 7.7% is included in the prices of all our services.

8. Accountability of the Traveller

8.1. The Traveller is accountable for all damages caused by themselves or other travellers including by their guests of which they are of fault. In the event that damages are discovered after return of the Property, the Traveller is also accountable, as long as the Landlord can prove that these were caused by the Traveller.

8.2. In the event that a Traveller fails to comply with the Other Terms – no smoking, no pets -, the Traveller shall be liable to pay for all costs and expenses incurred to thoroughly clean and repair the Property, neutralize the smoke smell and eliminate any damage to the Property and equipment caused by the smoke or by pets and to pay for any other costs associated with their failure to comply with said Other Terms.

9. Accountability of Alpine

9.1 Alpine rents the Property in the name and on account of the Owner. Alpine and/or the Landlord are not accountable for:

(a) any loss, damage or injury caused by acts of neglect by the Traveller in relation to the Property or otherwise;

(b) any failure to provide the services set out in this Contract as a result of unforeseeable or non-avertable acts of third parties, force majeure or events, which Alpine and/or the Landlord despite necessary care could not foresee or prevent.

9.2 Descriptions of infrastructure, tourist facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, public transport, mountain railways, ski-slopes, shop opening times etc. are for information purposes only and do not obligate the Landlord and/or Alpine to provide these..

10. Tours and Acitivites

10.1. Conditions of Participation

10.1.1. Most our tours and activities are not suitable if you have any disability or have reduced mobility (including being confined to a wheelchair). Therefore, in the interest of safety and comfort, you must be fit enough to participate.

10.1.2. Some of the activities and tours offered might require you to be in a good physical and mental health and by booking with us you confirm that you and your party are in good health with no medical history that would make it dangerous for you to participate.

10.1.3. Under no circumstances may Travellers participate while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, psychiatric drugs or any similar substances. The Traveller(s) is obliged to fulfil the conditions of participation and agree to strictly follow the instructions of Alpine, the guides, activity leader and assistants at all times. If the Conditions of Participation are not fulfilled or if instructions are disregarded, the organizer reserves the right to prohibit participation.

10.2. Liability

10.2.1. In the event of an accident, Alpine takes no responsibility and is not liable. The Traveller is not insured by Alpine. The Traveller is responsible to insure they have sufficient health and accident insurance coverage (where necessary sport coverage).

10.2.2. Damage claims against Alpine or their employees are excluded as far as lawfully permitted. Alpine is authorized to call on third parties to provide valued services. Should Alpine lawfully transfer the execution of the tour or activity to a third party, Alpine shall not be held responsible for the third party’s actions or neglect during execution of the tour or activity. Alpine will especially not be responsible for damages which are caused by the actions or neglect of the activity or tour leader should this conduct not fall under his/her contracted responsibility nor those caused by actions of third parties, other travellers, the Traveller, acts of God, natural occurrences, official regulations etc. or damages caused by delayed return to the starting point of the activity or tour. Should the Traveller not follow the instructions of Alpine, etc., all liability of Alpine is dropped.

10.2.3. Some of the tours and activities offered by reservation and payment on Check-in or free of charge are carried out by third parties. We only act as a reservation agent for the operator or the excursion or activity concerned. Your contract will therefore be payable upon Check-in or with the local operator, which provides it, and it does not form part of your contracted holiday arrangements with us. The contract will be subject to the local operator’s terms and conditions, some of which may exclude or limit its liability to you, and will be governed by local law and jurisdiction. Alpine accepts no liability for any breach of contract or negligent act or omission of any tour/activity provider.

10.3. Tax

10.3.1. Where relevant, VAT of 8% is included in our tours and activities prices.

11. Property Sales

11.1. Our sales documents and presentation of properties on our website are check thoroughly for accuracy and completeness of details, facts and figures. Nevertheless mistakes may occur. The properties are sold as viewed. Alpine accepts no liability for any mistakes in their property sale documents or on their website.

12. Information

12.1. Wetry to ensure that the information contained on our website is accurate and up to date. However, we recommend that you verify the information before acting on it. You can do this by contacting Alpine on the number shown on the top of the Website.

12.2. The destination does have some quieter ‘off peak’ periods. At this time some of the tourist facilities such as restaurants may be closed. We have no control over the opening times and facilities of third parties. We are therefore unable to accept any responsibility for any inconvenience caused.

13. Law and Jurisdiction

13.1. This Contract and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with it are governed by Swiss law and no other. The parties agree that the Courts of Switzerland will have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and any Contract with Alpine.

13.2. The Swiss rights of obligation govern for all points not already covered by these Terms and Conditions and/or Contracts with Alpine.